How it works

By assessing and verifying supplier data QualityTrade aligns the needs of buyers with potential suppliers.

Step 1
Create Profile

As an ISO-certified company, you can upload information about your business, products and services, to demonstrate your level of compliance, operational capability and historical performance. The information presented allows the buyers in our network to assess your suitability for trade.

Step 2
Get Verified

Upon uploading your ISO certifications, QualityTrade will assess their validity and determine your eligibility to be included in our exclusive marketplace.

Step 3
Get Listed

Once verified, your profile will immediately be made public, connecting you with our network of buyers. QualityTrade’s evolving algorithm provides real-time ranking based on the data and performance status.

Step 4
Start Selling

You are now recognised amongst the world’s leading, ISO-certified companies on our exclusive marketplace.

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