Certified Supply Chains Trade with 30,000+ certified companies who meet international standards

  • Reduces Risk

    You can buy with greater confidence knowing that we have done the hard work of identifying quality suppliers for you.

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  • Reduce Time

    It just takes one mouse click to find the leading suppliers for whatever product you need.

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  • Reduces Costs

    QualityTrade is free for buyers and saves you money by eliminating your need to source, assess and trial risky new suppliers.

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  • Increase Sales

    High quality suppliers are recognised and rewarded through exposure to quality conscious buyers resulting in more sales. The higher the quality the greater the sales.

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  • Boost Customer Loyalty

    Demonstrate your quality, enhance your reputation and win repeat orders from quality-concious buyers.

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  • Reduces Costs

    QualityTrade is a fixed verification fee. Suppliers don’t need to pay more money to be at the top of the search results.

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The QualityTrade Score

Because we’ve done the hard work of verifying and assessing suppliers from all over the world, you can be sure that the suppliers with the highest QualtyTrade Score are the best performers in terms of their commitment to quality, safety, environmental and social compliance.

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QualityTrade Score is calculated based on multiple assessments
  • Dunn & Bradstreet Credit Check
  • International Compliance Benchmarking
  • ISO Certifications
  • Product Certifications
  • Customer References
  • Assessment of Management Team
  • Offical Export Data
  • Onsite Facility Audit
  • Supply Chain Evaluation

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Buyers see highest quality suppliers in the top positions

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Buyers see suppliers that pay the most in the top positions

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QualityTrade is an online B2B marketplace that connects wholesalers to buyers. The trading platform uses a merit-based ranking system that allows buyers efficiently and quickly to source the best products from around the world for import and export.

Easily Import and Export

QualityTrade has evolved the way the world conducts import and export trade. By seamlessly connecting buyer and suppliers via our online marketplace, we make high quality, compliant, socially and environmentally sustainable suppliers and manufacturers more economical and accessible to buyers that would otherwise invest a lot of resources when sourcing products.

Quickly Source Products

The QualityTrade B2B marketplace combines an optimised e-commerce trading platform, global supplier directory and a unique merit-based ranking system to seamlessly allow manufacturers/suppliers list their full range of products so that they can quickly and efficiently be found by buyers. Buyers can use the on-site search or popular search engines to quickly and easily find the products they want to source, and it is very simple to browse similar categories to add more products to their range.

Compare Verified Suppliers

The proprietary merit-based ranking system enables all businesses - suppliers or buyers - to trade with confidence and assurance on QualityTrade. A QualityTrade Score is given to all suppliers based on ‘Compliance’, ‘Historical Performance’ and ‘Operational Capability’. Suppliers are rewarded with a good score if they are transparent and can demonstrate strong credentials and a good track record. The QualityTrade Score is unbiased because it must be earned and cannot be bought. Only the best

suppliers receive the best reputation and rankings. This is how QualityTrade reduces risk and provides buyers and suppliers with a safe, reliable and efficient marketplace to transact.Search QualityTrade now to compare suppliers on price, quality and logistics. We have over 20,000+ ISO certified suppliers with facilities across China, USA, India, Australia, Vietnam, Germany, Bangladesh, South Korea, Japan, UK, EU and more .